Organizing Committee Member

Ruth Ann Cangialosi

Ruth Ann Cangialosi

Clinical Nursing Director

Northern Kentucky University, USA



Dr. Ruth Ann Cangialosi, DNP, MSN, RN-BC has her expertise and passion in psychiatric mental health nursing. Her servant leadership demonstrates her passion for the professional role of psychiatric nursing and her compassion for the mental health community. Her mission and philosophy of psychiatric nursing was built on years of caring for those with mental illness, her experience as an educator, and her clinical leadership in psychiatric hospitals from Arizona to Detroit. Dr. Ruth bases her professional career on Barkers Tidal Model of Recovery. Her values of collective accountability advocacy, research, and leadership are welcomed in servant leadership, higher reliability organizations, improving workflows and procedures while building partnerships with executives, physicians, nurses, unlicensed staff, external customers, stakeholders, and most importantly, the patients.

Research Area

Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing